Five Secrets of Success
By Jerry D. Posner


There are some things in life that we CAN control ... and some things we CAN'T! 

Here are five things you CAN control that could make a huge difference at work ... and in life.

1.  Be early! You'll have less stress, you'll do a better job, you'll impress everyone!

2.  Smile sincerely and often. A smile sends powerfully positive messages to your customers and team. It might even make YOU feel good!

3. Keep ongoing lists of tasks you want to accomplish, and feelings you want to feel. Utilize the "magic repetition factor" to remind yourself of counterproductive habits that you want to break... and constructive habits you want to make.

4. Choose to be generous with your appreciation, liberal with your gratitude, and charitable with your forgiveness. Take the "high road" -- it leads to your success!

5. If you are serious about your success, before your start your day, imagine (visualize) how you would like your day to go. Imagine how you'd like to react to the "challenges" that you'll face. Imagine how you'd like to behave, communicate and deal with situations. Mentally rehearse positive outcomes. Try this experiment daily... and see what happens!



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