The Old Sturbridge Village Grasshopper
Volume XXVI #3 Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Focus on Service

Customer training focuses on 'big picture'

Are you remembering to "feed the good dog"? Are you attempting to respond--rather than react--to customer's problems, conflicts, questions, and concerns? Have you internalized the notion that "A (your job title) is an actor playing the part of (your job title)!"?

That latter notion comes to us from French magician Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin, by way of magical motivational speaker Jerry Posner, who held three three-hour sessions with Village staff earlier this month and wowed his audiences with words of wisdom and inspiration.

Village President Beverly Sheppard introduced Posner as "a Massachusetts treasure" in welcoming him to at least one session. Offering a blend of common sense, Golden Rule kindness, and a perspective that focused on the "big picture," Posner promised practical and yet powerful information. He delivered all of the above in a style that can best be described as colorful, ebullient, and infectiously perky.

Using homespun stories, acronyms, anecdotes, and years of personal insight into what it takes to "keep the customers satisfied," Posner posed questions, elicited answers, and inspired meaningful contemplation from his audiences.

Who can forget "Remember the Muffin!" and its implications (Go the extra mile and win a friend--or customer--for life!)? Who could not learn something useful from the idea of approaching each potential customer confrontation with the cool-headed question: "How much of this is about me...and how much isn't?"

Emphasizing the need to put all customer service concerns into proper perspective, Posner drew from his own family for real-life stories about career decisions and elicited (without demanding) personal suggestions from workshop audience members.

A resident of the Berkshires, Posner has been described as a "powerful, motivational, and entertaining presenter" who, for more than a decade, has provided team building, staff development, and customer service training on both the local and national levels. His workshops assist listeners by increasing their awareness, sharpening their skills, and developing tools and new skills to enhance their ability--and desire--to provide outstanding customer service.

Sporting a variety of colored eyeglasses to symbolize the different perspectives different "customers" can have, Posner also practiced what he preached, welcoming any late-comers to his talks with a smile and kind words, demonstrating the true power of positivity.

"If everyone here commits to improving themselves in just one way," he told his audiences, "then the Village (and the world) will be vastly improved in the process."

Do you remember what W.I.I.F.M. ("wiffum") stands for? Have you looked over the hand-outs and notes you took away from your workshop? Are you working on a particular area of improvement, and have you set an attainable goal for yourself?

If not, then feel free to begin today! And--please--remember the muffin!



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