Three Grati-Tools
By Jerry D. Posner

The awareness and practice of gratitude is good business ... as well as being emotionally, mentally and spiritually fulfilling.  The "attitude of gratitude" --made operational--will transform relationships and generate joy.  You can't lose with gratitude!

Feelings of gratitude are calming, self-affirming, empowering, "warm and fuzzy."  Sometimes...all at the same time! 

Acts of gratitude and appreciation can, as the title of Dale Carnegie's 1936 bestseller suggested, "win friends and influence people!"  Communications make impressions.  Show some sincere appreciation, and you'll probably make a positive one.

GRATI-TOOL #1HONOR THE LOVE.  Make a list of 10 people who have ever demonstrated their love for you, in some form or another.  (They do not have to be perfect people!)  Do this once a day, until you run out of paper.

If your stress level is hurting your health and productivity...if you want to be less cranky, less petty, and more openhearted...or if you want to show yourself how you can change your point of view, try...

GRATI-TOOL #2:  THE GRATITUDE BREAK.  First, select something specific about your life that you are truly, deeply thankful for. Now... spend just one minute thinking about, vividly visualizing, that person, place or thing.
Please do this now, before you continue reading.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
Okay.  How do you feel now?  Less stressed, more relaxed and a little happier? 
Try a gratitude break once a day, and see what happens!

GRATI-TOOL #3:  THE GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Here's what to do: every day, write down five things you are grateful for.  That's it!  A list of five things on paper or computer.  Every day.

Over time, expect miracles, because you will probably experience more hope, optimism and appreciation for your life.  Might this result in some better choices, kinder behavior and, therefore, an improved future?  Because of a three-minute-a-day investment?   Does this sound like a good cost/benefit ratio to you?

Why not choose to make every day, a day of Thanksgiving?  Your family, friends, colleagues, and your endocrine system will thank you!



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