Jerry's Annual Positive Resolutions
By Jerry D. Posner


New Year Resolutions for 2008.

I Resolve to:
1. sBuild all relationships on a foundation of kindness.
2. sExpress appreciation liberally and often
3. sIncrease positive possibilities by ditching grudges
4. sMake someone happy, make just one someone happy
5. sBe the best, up-to-date, revised version of myself
6. sRemember: feedback increases intelligence
7. sEnjoy giving, without expecting something back
9. sSmile more, and notice people's responses
10. Communicate clearly, accurately, kindly, effectively
11. Praise often; flatter never
12. Stay put in the "gratitude zone"
13. Collaborate more ... compete less
14. Prioritize -- realize --- actualize
15. Focus my attention on the areas I seek to improve
16. Learn lessons immediately
17. Mentally rehearse/imagine successful outcomes
18. Joyously celebrate life -- it beats the alternative
19. Stop ignoring the obvious
20. Continually ask "what's really important to me now?"

Copyright©2007 Jerry D. Posner



One Dozen Suggested Resolutions for 2007.

I Resolve to:
1.   express gratitude for the past, enjoyment of the present, and enthusiasm for the future.
2.   to be on time… at the very latest.
3.   quickly “get past the grudges” to the realm of unconditional kindness.
4.   communicate with clarity, congruence and consideration.
5.   make choices based on the best end results imaginable.
6.   have a series of perfect days… every week.
7.   avoid the road bumps… especially when I see them coming.
8.   beware of “neurotic negative word association disorder.”
9.   be the “experience maker” not the “order taker.”
10.  throw out stale assumptions.
11.  remember: even when it IS all about “me” … it’s really all about “us.”
12.  measure my wealth by how much I'd be worth if I had no money.

Copyright©2006 Jerry D. Posner


To Make 2006 My Best Year… I Resolve to:

1.   Be the good-mood person.
2.   Ask myself, "is this stress really necessary?"
3.   Signal my turns, when driving and otherwise.
4.   Visualize my goals daily.  That's ... EVERY day!
5.   Carry a voice recorder, capture the BIG ideas.
6.   Choose appreciation over envy.
7.   Use the placebo effect, for fun ... and profit!
8.   Notice more miracles in my everyday life.
9.   Establish kvetch-free zones at home and work.
10. Quit obsessing over imaginary problems.
11. Be the mentor to someone who needs me.
12. Transform the mundane into the memorable.
13. Trigger more endorphin production.
14. Expunge expired grudges.  Forgive myself, also.
15. Respond intelligently, even to the unintelligent.
16. Count my blessings ... then jot them down.
17. Avoid gossip.  Notice the good and praise it.
18. Think "outcomes" before communicating.
19. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
20. Take the high road.  Liberally express kindness.

Copyright©2005 Jerry D. Posner


23 Suggested Postive Resolutions for the Year 2005

Pick your favorites and say: This year, I resolve to...

1. live my life as though everything is a miracle.
2. notice life-changing coincidences and amazing synchronicities.
3. express unconditional kindness as often as I want to.
4. practice moderation at all-you-can-eat buffets.
5. make my choices based on the outcomes I most desire.
6. tell myself three positive truths, for every one esteem-diminishing fib.
7. be early!
8. forgive much, especially when forgiveness is challenging.
9. manage my stress before my stress manages me.
10. take another heroic romp outside of my comfort zone.
11. confuse people less: increase honesty, decrease mixed messages.
12. learn something from every investment of money, time, love and trust.
13. return all phone calls in a timely manner.
14. find more opportunities to show appreciation.
15. make every day, a day of Thanksgiving (turkey dinner optional).
16. gracefully accept good advice when it is offered.
17. manifest creativity, passion and a sense of wonder in all things.
18. honor my ancestors; remembering, because of them... I was born!
19. be more generous with my service, resources and wisdom.
20. steal the BEST ideas and make them my own.
21. know and respect applicable copyright laws.
22. impact the entire universe with one small compassionate act.
23. spend less time surfing the net and more time creating my future!

Copyright©2004 Jerry D. Posner


20 Suggested Positive Resolutions for the Year 2004

First, our top story of the year! 

"Feed the Good Dog"
A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: "Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is pessimistic, mean and evil. The other dog is optimistic, compassionate and good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time."

When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied,"The one I feed the most."

1. Read the following list of suggested resolutions, making note of any that appeal to you. 
2. Write down your favorite one ... one of your own ... or both of them ... on a file or business card.
3. Review your card, daily. 
4. Be optimistic. 
5. Revise as necessary. 
6. Aim at the target, and let the arrow fly! 
7. Do it today ... and tomorrow!

I resolve to:

1. improve with age.
2. respond more, react less.
3. behave mindfully and charitably in all relationships, including the one I'm in with myself.
4. work and live with genuine enthusiasm.
5. make my choices based on the outcomes I most desire.
6. just say "NO" to pessimism.
7. play a part in the miracle-making.
8. jettison all grudges.
9. handle my stress before my stress handles me.
10. take a heroic stroll outside of my comfort zone.
11. quit pushing the "worry button."
12. play more.
13. laugh more.
14. live more.
15. love more.
16. gracefully accept good advice.
17. manifest creativity, passion and a sense of wonder in all things.
18. sow the seeds of harmony wherever I go.
19. be someone's guardian angel.
20. imagine happy endings...visualize the positive results...feed the good dog, DAILY!

Copyright©2003 Jerry D. Posner


20 Suggested Positive Resolutions for the Year 2003

Taking responsibility for creating (or at the very least, influencing) my future,

I resolve to:

1. consider my mission in life before I speak or act.
2. discover my own "first aid" for pessimism -- and use it!
3. observe my habits.
4. keep my daily gratitude journal because it works wonders for me.
5. write down my brilliant insights so I remember and act on them.
6. win the war on pettiness, perfectionism and cynicism.
7. choose my dramas ... before my dramas choose me.
8. revisit and review books that inspired me the most.
9. signal before I make a turn.
10. judge ideas ... not people.
11. overtip.
12. tell at least one person a day, "I love you and I'm glad you're here."
13. ask for help.
14. accept help.
15. stretch my body, mind, beliefs and abilities.
16. respect copyrights.
17. find the sheer pleasure in my work, thus transforming it.
18. know how and when to depersonalize and stop playing the blame game.
19. respond to adversity by saying, "a positive outcome is possible!"
20. read and reread my resolutions every day!

Copyright © 2002 Jerry D. Posner


24 Suggested Positive Resolutions for the Year 2002

Since I create ... or, at the very least, influence my future,

I resolve to:

1. never promise something I can't or won't deliver.
2. eradicate pettiness in my lifetime.
3. evolve.
4. take a "gratitude break" three times daily.
5. focus my attention on the future I most desire.
6. express more genuine enthusiasm and unconditional joy!
7. recognize and heal my ancient hurts and wounds.
8. shape my motivation first thing every morning.
9. discipline myself (so no one else has to)!
10. forgive, forgive, forgive. Let it go. 
11. keep a journal of the synchronicities and miracles I observe and experience.
12. stop misplacing my anger.
13. recognize that every customer, client and vendor could be the one who changes my destiny!
14. make optimism my constant ally.
15. exercise every day...well, most every day!
16. acknowledge that my life is purely a gift, and treat it as such.
17. utilize my "down times" as creative opportunities.
18. see every moment as a fork in the road.
19. appreciate ... appreciate ... liberally show appreciation!
20. ask myself, before I act or speak, "what good will this do?"
21. return phone calls promptly.
22. tell myself the whole truth.
23. periodically update my biases, expectations, stereotypes and prejudices.
24. love more, love deeply, love freely.

Copyright © 2001 Jerry D. Posner


24 Suggested Positive Resolutions for the Year 2001

Since time flies...and I'm the pilot...I resolve to:

1. avoid spending $1,000.00 worth of worry on a $1.00 situation.
2. continuously repeat "pessimism is my enemy ... pessimism is my enemy..."
3. recognize how my behavior, communications and attitudes change the world.
 4. learn one excellent, appropriate new joke and practice my delivery.
 5. know my deepest motivations in life, and their origins.
 6. play more.
 7. be kinder to strangers, friends, family and co-workers.
 8. review my goals and visualize them at least once, every single day.
 9. forgive my parents, children, friends, enemies and self for being human.
10. smile more frequently.
11. be tactfully honest with others and bluntly honest with myself.
12. work smarter...not necessarily harder.
13. live in a state of perpetual gratitude.
14. see my life through the lens of positive expectancy, hope and faith.
15. take it easy at the all-you-can-eat buffets!
16. regularly honor my ancestors...because without them, I wouldn't exist.
17. jettison all grudges.
18. make my best dreams come true.
19. take more walks.
20. give myself permission to succeed.
21. celebrate "key person in my life who changed my destiny" appreciation days.
22. avoid premature cognitive commitment and cognitive dissonance.
23. imagine that I am the luckiest person alive...and see what happens!
24. remember what I learned last year!

Copyright ©2000/2001  Jerry D. Posner


33 Suggested Positive Resolutions for the Year 2000  

I resolve, well actually, this year I vow to:

1. take total responsibility for my choices, decisions and moods.
2. return all phone calls promptly.
3. openly appreciate my friends and colleagues more.
4. seek healing for my hurts and enlightenment for my ignorance.
5. understand my own needs and recognize the wisdom of providing for them.
6. find the fun in my work.
7. be kinder to strangers, friends, family and co-workers.
8. visualize my positive future every day.
9. liberally practice forgiveness.
10. liberally practice optimism.
11. ask questions when I'm in doubt.
12. organize my goals and create a realistic action plan to achieve them.
13. keep a daily journal of my feelings, hopes, wishes and dreams.
14. be more aware of my impact.
15. honor my body as a temple and avoid poisoning it (too much).
16. be tactfully honest with others and bluntly honest with myself.
17. consciously create positive experiences.
18. transcend all limitations, especially the imaginary ones.
19. spend more time being nice and less time being grumpy.
20. see the positive possibilities in each and every situation.
21. be true to my deeply held values.
22. better manage my tasks, time, space and beliefs.
23. procrastinate no longer.
24. motivate myself to achieve what I really, really, really want.
25. create miracles, notice miracles and be grateful for them.
26. seek real solutions to my problems.
27. raise my personal standards.
28. laugh more and make others laugh more.
29. stop being petty.
30. do and say things that raise my confidence and enhance my self-esteem.
31. overcome my fear of success, fame and fortune.
32. break my negative addictions to self-pity, helplessness, perfectionism, etc.
33. cut back on worrying and begin practicing my faith.

Copyright ©1999  Jerry D. Posner



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