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Why Hire Jerry?

Because his clients and audiences love him... and he loves his clients and audiences!

Because he creates positive, emotionally memorable experiences, teaching practical, actionable wisdom for well-being, growth and success.

Because he makes the people who hire him look very, very good!

Because he exceeds expectations with programs that are entertaining, content-rich, memorable, motivational, inspirational, and “he makes people feel good!”

Because he's professional, seasoned, experienced and reliable.


According to his clients:

I engaged Jerry Posner to speak to my entire Operations Team in February 2014 at our annual off-site meeting in New Orleans ... he delivered nothing short of a truly AMAZING half-day workshop! I can honestly say, Jerry touched lives in his presentation that day and gave my entire team some fantastic actionable tactics and ideas to really make sure they were set-up to have their best year ever. I simply couldn't recommend Jerry more highly.

Jerry's programs and approach are just the ticket for organizations and individuals looking to enhance their understanding and performance as it relates to service and hospitality.

Jerry truly believes in treating the customer better than they ever expected. He gives his audience a real perspective on feeling empathy and helping them see the value in listening to the customer. Jerry is consistent in his delivery and truly delivers what he promises."

"He is an incredibly dynamic, motivational, and entertaining speaker who who has many practical messages about how to run both your life and work in a way is most effective and enjoyable. We would definitely bring Jerry back again as his teachings are always relevant and inspiring.

Jerry, in addition to being highly professional (preparedness, reliability, integrity top a much longer list of positive attributes), is the most popular evening speaker for our guests, and manages to combine newcomer appeal with fresh material for his longtime followers. His audience finds him relevant, relatable, entertaining and practical.

I have had the great pleasure of hearing Jerry speak (and sing on his ukelele!) to different audiences in my organization on a couple of occasions, and saw him transform two somewhat skeptical groups into enthusiastic believers. The basic, but powerful tenants of his talks lived on in the group in the weeks and months following his initial presentation.

Jerry Posner is not your average ukulele playing motivational speaker. He facilitates stimulating insightful discussions about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: personal & business. Jerry provided engaging, relevant, actionable information to help us achieve our objectives.

His thoughts, ideas, and practices enlightened me to a whole new level of self-understanding and development with ease, simplicity, and a lot of fun. Both his passion and knowledge of his field are clearly evident.

Jerry recently presented to our annual national employee meeting. Everyone was educated, entertained and motivated by Jerry's incredible presentation. I was truly impressed by his ability to bring out many individuals' feelings and emotions while leaving everyone concrete actions for increased success, productivity, reduced stress and happiness. A great, great motivator!

Jerry provided the opening Keynote Address to the ASHA School's Conference @ National Harbor in July '11 with over 1000 attendees. I serve as President of ASHA, a 145,000 member organization of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. I had the pleasure of attending his inspiring keynote address which was extremely well received by an audience that was highly professional and graduate educated. The feedback from attendees regarding Jerry's address was uniformly positive. He is clever, warm, and a real "gentle"man. He struck me as a male Oprah with his genuine caring and positive attitude with recommendations for a life well-lived. He is a super conference kick-starter and has my recommendation for a similar venue!

My organization, a professional membership association, recently hired Jerry to deliver the opening keynote address for a conference. His audience comprised approximately 1,000 of our members. We wanted a positive, uplifting, and motivational opening experience--and Jerry absolutely delivered what we needed. Our members loved his message, loved his little cards (you had to be there), and lined up after the session to buy his book. He was refreshingly easy to work with, very responsive to our requests, and extremely low-maintenance. I recommend him highly!

Our Chamber of Commerce had a great experience with Jerry Posner. The content of his workshop was tremendous. We can't wait to offer another program with Jerry. He over-delivered and made us look great.

Jerry is quite motivating and provides our staff with many useful tools for providing great service to our customers and for improving ourselves. His combination of stories, anecdotes and humor is always a hit! Jerry has come to [our business] several times over the past 10 years and his presentations just get better! I look forward to seeing Jerry because I know I will walk away renewed with a positive outlook and a personal improvement plan.

Our law firm has undergone rapid change over the last year or so. We have brought on lots of new staff, moved offices and picked up challenging work. Having heard Jerry speak several times at Canyon Ranch and read his book "Attention Late Bloomers - You're Right on Time," I thought that Jerry could help our staff in several ways.

Jerry was easy to reach, listened to our needs and crafted a program geared to customer service, tools for handling job stress and making the people happier, both at work and at home.
Jerry's presentation far exceeded my already high expectations. Jerry was engaging, the presentation was both fun and practical, and I received many "thank you" notes from most of the staff, while the others all thanked me personally for having Jerry at our office. The positive feedback is encouraging and we have adopted polices to ensure that the staff's morale boost becomes part of our firm's culture.

I could not recommend Jerry too highly. He did a fantastic job and exceeded all of our expectations.

Jerry is the consummate professional. He delivers a highly motivating and stimulating presentation geared towards customer service with a dash of self-improvement tactics that have a positive impact on participants. Never boring...always fun. Knows his stuff and is truly sincere in his desire to make a positive impact on your employees.....which translates to a more successful business model. Highly recommended!

There are many performance enhancement / motivational practitioners in the marketplace but the great ones – like Jerry who excel in the field, are the ones who internalize their ideals and make the material come alive.

I have hired Jerry many times as a facilitator for strategic planning, and as a trainer for customer service, supervisory development, and team building. His creative and entertaining approach make him a favorite of our staff, and his common sense, practical techniques are especially effective.

He works closely with upper level management in an ongoing capacity to develop programs that reinforce and support our level of service, teamwork, culture and company values.

... a pleasure to have on your team ... will inspire at all levels. A professional who cares about your business and your people.

... an empathetic, positive force for change and improvement whether he is working as a consultant for a company, as a trainer for a group, and as a human being who generously gives of himself to help others succeed.

... motivational, fun to learn from and very creative at his skillfully crafted seminars. Our team was in the midst of a tough transition and Jerry was able to professionally yet entertainingly lead us through the beginnings of our team building process ... a pleasant and productive individual, he is sincere and passionate, very powerful.”

It is remarkable how well Jerry reaches every single individual in the audience. He has had a truly positive impact on so many people in our organization that I almost can't imagine the culture without his impact. Jerry's workshops and his one on one advice is something that has helped me personally and professionally far greater than any other seminar, motivational book or personal coaching.

He wowed everyone in the room and gave them far more then they expected.

... a terrific speaker with a practical message. He uses humor to spark deep reflection from the participants, and staff use his materials long after the presentation. He makes his information accessible and usable, and folks are always anxious to "have Jerry back!”

... fresh, funny, and pertinent; Jerry's seminars are great for our team in general and we have consistently received positive feedback from our employees specifically. Anyone interested in providing their customers with extraordinary service and training their people on how and why it happens should hire Jerry.”

Jerry is an outstanding Motivational Speaker dealing with all aspects of leadership developement to customer service skills. His seminars hit very close to home and his funny, witty charm make his presentations the right fit for any corporate retreat.”

... intuitive, creative and entertaining. His seminars bring to light many important aspects for success in a service industry with practical and useful tools and communication techniques.”
“Jerry is a tremendous facilitator who brings out the very best in people through an high energy well orchestrated and almost theatrical presentation of service concepts.”

He has fantastic insight, is very approachable and reaches people on a personal level, no matter their background. A truly inspiring individual.”

Jerry is a creative out of the box thinker who knows how to quickly "size up" a situation and create innovative and entertaining solutions to often complex problems. He is an excellent teacher and motivator.

According to some of Jerry's attendees (not his mother or wife, by the way):

  • ... an excellent and entertaining speaker and I love listening to him
  • Jerry was amazing
  • ... entertaining, friendly and funny
  • ... totally engaging
  • Gave me hope and energy
  • ... sensational!
  • ... relevant, humorous and effective
  • ... passionate and engaging
  • ... super charismatic
  • He's funny, light hearted, sends great messages
  • ... good practical tips I can use right away
  • ... funny, entertaining, deep and practical - all at the same time!
  • Loved the topic and the way he made it simple to understand and remember
  • I could listen to him for hours
  • ... he's awesome, practical, energertic
  • ... so lively and upbeat
  • ... great presentation skills.
  • ... superb message and delivery
  • ... it was an uplifting experience
  • ... far beyond excellent
  • ... on-point, funny, encouraging
  • ... really hit home.
  • ... totally connected with audience

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